Our story

I’m Victoria, 41 and from Australia. After living in London for nearly 4 years I ended up in the Netherlands, which I now call home. I’m a single mum raising a 7 year old daughter and have been in fashion my whole working life.

From styling/personal shopping in London to merchandising stores and dressing windows in 3 different countries. My dream has always been to own my own fashion boutique with fashionable, affordable, flattering pieces for all types of bodies.

After having my child I found it difficult finding clothes for my new body, my new self. I had to rediscover what suited me, made me feel good and what I liked. Now nearly fabulous 40 and watching my daughter grow, raising the future women, I find myself inspired more than ever to make my dream a reality, to help other women rediscover themselves, look and feel empowered in what they wear.

Hi, i’m Maxim (33) born in the Netherlands and a working mother to a lovely son (5). I shine in the day to day administration, creating websites and I have a passion for creating something from the ground up. I have an eye for detail and if you need advice, just ask!

Shopping has always been something I love and like most women I have done a lot of it, but all of my adult life I have struggled with finding comfortable, affordable yet classy clothing to fit my body and that’s where I would love to make a difference. Be the change and make shopping fun again.

My goal is to help other women and I hope we can do that by providing affordable, fashionable clothing that has something for everyone. Empowered women empower women.